Hello Students,

This Wiki will serve as a page of links to your individual blogs (Science Journal). Your blog entries will be based on the science journal entries found throughout the chapters in your book and assigned as homework on a weekly basis.

Click on one of the links below to set up your blog

Rules of the blog.
  1. Your are not allowed to post personal information about yourself and no photos.
  2. Your blog must be set to private so that only account holders can view your journals.
  3. The blog entries you post must relate only to science. There is to be no conversations that do not relate directly to the assignment.
  4. Failure to follow the rules will result in a 0 for your journal grade as well as a detention for every week that your blog is not in compliance.

Please find your class section below and type your first name only followed by the link to your blog.

example: Mr. Zadourian - www.mrzadourian.blogspot.com


Allyson - http://allysonscienceblog3.blogspot.com/
Alanna - http://alannasworldofsecretlyamazingscience.blogspot.com/
Kathleen - http://kathleenc-science.blogspot.com/
Jason D. – http://ElementSk8r95.blogspot.com/
Natasha – http://natashaangel-natasha.blogspot.com/
Austin – http://xaustinx.blogspot.com/
Thomas – http://t-maninthehouse.blogspot.com/
Natalie - http://hendrixthedog123.blogspot.com/
Gabby - http://rodriguez07628.blogspot.com/
Laura - http://laurahoyos.blogspot.com/
Raj - http://rajs-fudge-covered-science-palace.blogspot.com/
Rei- http://rei-777.blogspot.com/
Suly - http://sudanisis.blogspot.com/
Fernessa - http://iloveriots.blogspot.com/
Mike D.- http://mikesfamouspsychedelicscience.blogspot.com/
Joe: http://www.dumajoe.blogspot.com/
Jerilyn: http://sciencegirl94.blogspot.com/
Alex: http://allspeciesfoundation.blogspot.com
Jason V.-http://jayval12.blogspot.com/
Nick: http://nckm.blogspot.com/